Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ASPY Player Beta 4 released - S60 Player with scrobbling built-in. Open signed online now possible!

I've just released the beta 4 version of the ASPY Player. Currently I have only few hours (~3h) a week to work on it, so that's the reason for few enhancements in this release, however I think some of them are very important.

The changes in this release are:

  • Possible to sign the sis file through open signed online;
  • Blinking "now playing" screen bug fixed;
  • Better handled id3v2 only files (id3v2 not supported yet);
  • Track number info being used in the app;
  • Better tracks ordering handling;
  • Better handling of non-US ASCII characters in directories names;
  • Application code design improved;

As usual, all kinds of feedbacks are welcome. They have been essential to improve the player quality, thank you guys!


squapp said...

Thanks for the new Beta !
I'm getting this error on when scrobbling :

Some tracks you submitted have not been added to your profile for the following reason:
Spam protection triggered: You submitted a track dated earlier than your last submission.

Songs from Aspyplayer are not added then.I guess I could prevent this problem by submitting the songs on Aspyplayer before playing any songs on my local computer everytime ... otherwise the Aspyplayer history is gone.

Also, where does Aspyplayer get the time from ? My song is 2 hours earlier than the phone's clock. It matches's time thought.

Douglas said...

squapp, that's how the AS protocol works. You have to submit the songs in ASPY Player and then use the local computer.

It gets the local time (UTC - Coordinated Universal Time) from phone's clock.

Jess said...

I just installed the latest trunk (r48) and for me at least, non-ASCII characters are handled perfectly now. (Admittedly the last build I tested was beta 2.)

Thank you for a fantastic piece of work, it's so cool to be able to scrobble from my N95. :)

Jukka-Pekka said...

Thanks for this!

But but, I just installed this on my Nokia E51 (S60v3) and it seems, that the database connection is made ok (I can sign in ok) but the "Update Music Library" doesn't do anything.? Just says: "Library updated. Added: 0. Deleted: 0." and there's no music in the library.

Am I doing something completery wrong.?

Seb said...

The reason you're probably getting that is because you're not clearing the songs after you have submitted them to Last.FM? Then everytime you submit them, you also submit really old ones you've listened to ages ago.

My problems are:

-When my mobile pohne plays a sound other than aspyplayer beta 4's current playing track, the application crashes and I can't exit it (even selecting exit via s60's exit prog from programme list.

I then have to turn off the mobile and then turn it back on to start it back up to listen to music.

-Some of my mp3s are not added to the playlist despite tracks in same subdirectory being added and using the Update Music Library option.

BTW, thanks again for a great programme

Anonymous said...

its not working entirely but still legend.
on my n91 it freezes alot for example the track time.
L E G E N D that is doug fernando

Vivian Carvalho said...

Oiii... faço parte de um grupo de pesquisa sobre o STOA para a ECA-USP e precisamos de usuários de diferentes unidades da USP que estejam no STOA há mais de 2 meses para responder algumas poucas questões. Você poderia nos ajudar? Se sim, entre em contato comigo pelo


Vivian Carvalho

uporo said...

Can i stream radio with this application as well?

sony said...

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Agna said...

Hi Doug,
i just installed the beta4 aspy player on my nokia e61i and it's working just fine! Luv it! Keep up the good work! ;-D

Indy said...

Hi, found a bug which makes the player unusable, everytime I skip or rewind, it freezes.

Another bug I found was, that I played a song and exited the player.
The song played on, but the player was not active, so I can´t go back to it and stop it. Even the volume control was of no effect.

Using N95 8GB (Firmware v20...)
Python 1_4_4

Hope that helps.

But after all, it loaded the music much faster, then the build-in player.

sony said...

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