Friday, March 21, 2008

ASPY Player Beta 3 released - S60 Player with scrobbling built-in

After coming back to work from vacations, it has been hard to find time to work on the player. Currently I'm leading 5 projects in my work! However I got some time (most of it while traveling) and released the beta 3 of my player. Bellow is a list of the major changes:

  • Non-US ASCII bug fixed, now files path and id3 content can have é, è, ã, etc..
  • Now it's possible to view the current music history, ie, tracks not sent to yet
  • After selecting an artist, now it's possible to select all tracks of that artist as before or drill-down by artist album, just like the native player
  • AudioScrobbler protocol hard error handled correctly
  • Application icon added
  • Correct version number set (major/minor)
  • Now it's possible to play tracks in random mode
  • Several bugs fixed

As usual, the source are here and here there's a step-by-step tutorial on how to run it without signing using the python shell (thanks Brixton).

The python snake image I found using Google Images so I don't know who created it. Any information about it, please, tell me so that I can ask the creator the usage authorization.

I also have to find a more beautiful image for the "Now playing screen", preferentially a dark one to help with the energy consumption. I have also to make the now playing screen stop blinking too. I'll try to stabilize the current feature set (fix bugs and refine the design) then start adding more features.

Ahh, BTW, because of my efforts to build this player, the guys from Build gave me 12 months of subscription!! Great incentive! Thank you guys again!

I'd like to thank the guys who are using the player and sending me feedbacks.


Some new pics from this version:


AnTi - said...

Great! you are doing a good work Douglas ;)

AnTi - said...

If a song don't have an ID3 tag info, it's name it's shown like UUUUUUU...
you could add the option of repeat for the listplayer. Till next time!

Hector said...

Hi... y fallinhinlove with the idea to Listen and scrobb my preferences in Last.FM with my Nokia E65 Mobile Phone. Unfortunately i can not instal tje ASPY Player on my device. The erro who i read it is: "Unable to install.... untrusted Suplier"

Best Regards

Douglas said...

hector, you have to sign it first. However, nowadays, it's kinda hard. On the other side, here there's a tutorial on how to use it without sign it.

MartinSFP said...

Hi, I've tried the unsigned method to the letter with my E61i (using the correct version of Python for S60 3rd Edition). I get:

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

When I try to run

Any ideas?

Douglas said...

martin, try this version:


Jacco said...

Nice work!! I was looking for a scrobbling solution on my S60 device for some time now. This works great! But after installing it on my N95 8GB, it didn't seem to work for the first couple of times I tried to start the app. But now it works fine!

jblondie said...

Great work Douglas! The Beta 3 is so much more stable. With the help of the tutorial, I was scrobbling in minutes.

Thank you very much indeed.


squapp said...

I'm new to ASPY Player and tried the Beta 3 on my Nokia N81. When I do "Update Music Library" it says "This operation can take some time" and then it shows me a log which ends with "UnicodeError: ASCII decoding error: ordinal not in range(128)". No music is updated (0 musics).
Looks like there is a problem with some characters, but the log doesn't show me which folder/file it can't handle.

squapp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Douglas said...

squapp, I thought I had fixed this problem. Are you running thru the .sis or .py? Please, check if the log file says something; C:\data\aspyplayer\log.txt

squapp said...

I ran it through the .py file and currently there is no log. I also tried the newest revision (40), but it had the same problem.
Then I read one of the comments to Beta 2 suggesting to surround the error line with a try / except:pass statement and it worked. The passed files had a ñ in the ID3v2 tag.

MP3 e MP4 said...

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Anonymous said...

you star. I've been after something that does this on the N95 for a while. Keep up the good work.

Issam-rhl said...

Great Work Doug, Awsome application...But A few remarks:
1- it will be a great feature if you add the "add To Now Playing" Feature it will be very helpful regarding choosing a mixed playlist with diffrent artists.
2- i really didn't have the time to monitor the battery life but the application really consumes the battery.

i have a N95 8 GB V 15.0.015 (08.01)
Again Great work!!

Toni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Toni said...

I'm also having the ascii-unicode file path issue, as reported by squapp (the application crashes when it finds a path with non 7-bit ascii chars).

I'm running r40 from Python Script Shell v 1.4.2. My phome is a Nokia N81 with 8GB memory card.

Keep the good work Douglas!

Douglas said...

toni and squapp, could you guys send me (at gmail) a song with those problems? So that, I can reproduce the problems here...


Douglas said...

I think I fixed the bug (UnicodeError), the problem was about non-US ASCII characters
in the directory name. Please, try the version from trunk and tell me if the problem is gone...

Erik Pettersson said...

Good work mate

Toni said...

OK, the ascii error is solved for ne! r42 works.


Anonymous said...

i haven't tried your program yet,but i'm going to do it quickly. I must ask, is the program scrobbling only through the internet connection of the s60 device, or is it communicating with program/plugin on pc,when you connect it with cable. If it is not,do you think it would be possible? I'm not pushing You into it,just asking. Thank you for your work

Douglas said...

hi, currently it uses the device connections (WIFI/GPRS/etc.)

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