Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My S60 Client - aspyplayer

In the last few days I've been working on a S60 music player with scrobbling capabilities because most of time I listen to musics in my N95. I'd the idea to build this application months ago, but only now, in my last week of vacation I had time and today I released the first beta version (ugly UI and barely working) at:

Some screenshots for this first beta release are available at:

I'm writing the application in python (pyS60), which for me, currently is the best development platform for Symbian devices. However, it has a lot of limitations compared to C++ on S60 devices.

The application architecture kinda follows DDD, with a basic MVP for the presentation layer. The last time I did some development in python was about 5 years ago, so the code is not that good yet. The sources can be seen at: Code reviews are welcome.

Now I'll work on the UI, which currently is very ugly and I have to refactor some code to decouple the file system libraries from the model putting it in the infrastructure layer. Besides that, I have to create more unit tests.

Any kind of feedback is welcome.

BTW, yesterday I found an amazing client for iPhone/iPod Touch, it's called MobileScrobbler. It's too bad that the S60 interfaces sucks when compared to iPhone interface which is fantastic.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My current "must read" technical readings

Although I read more than one hundred of blogs (~4500 posts in the last 30 days) using the kickass Google Reader and be a member of several mailing lists, I don't read everything with the same priority. I read ASAP only few blogs/lists that I consider important/cool, others sometimes I read months after I noticed them in my google reader or gmail.

The following items are my current "must read" technical readings:

Top 10 Feeds (no specific order):
Brazilian bloggers
Mailing lists

BTW, the address of my google reader shared items is:

In paper I usually read non-technical (computer) stuff, currently I'm reading the applied psychology books from "The Personal MBA", the current one it's my third and till now all were great readings.