Friday, March 21, 2008

ASPY Player Beta 3 released - S60 Player with scrobbling built-in

After coming back to work from vacations, it has been hard to find time to work on the player. Currently I'm leading 5 projects in my work! However I got some time (most of it while traveling) and released the beta 3 of my player. Bellow is a list of the major changes:

  • Non-US ASCII bug fixed, now files path and id3 content can have é, è, ã, etc..
  • Now it's possible to view the current music history, ie, tracks not sent to yet
  • After selecting an artist, now it's possible to select all tracks of that artist as before or drill-down by artist album, just like the native player
  • AudioScrobbler protocol hard error handled correctly
  • Application icon added
  • Correct version number set (major/minor)
  • Now it's possible to play tracks in random mode
  • Several bugs fixed

As usual, the source are here and here there's a step-by-step tutorial on how to run it without signing using the python shell (thanks Brixton).

The python snake image I found using Google Images so I don't know who created it. Any information about it, please, tell me so that I can ask the creator the usage authorization.

I also have to find a more beautiful image for the "Now playing screen", preferentially a dark one to help with the energy consumption. I have also to make the now playing screen stop blinking too. I'll try to stabilize the current feature set (fix bugs and refine the design) then start adding more features.

Ahh, BTW, because of my efforts to build this player, the guys from Build gave me 12 months of subscription!! Great incentive! Thank you guys again!

I'd like to thank the guys who are using the player and sending me feedbacks.


Some new pics from this version:

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Second release of my S60 Client - aspyplayer

Today I released the second beta version of my client for S60 devices (although only tested in my N95-1). I rewrote the whole UI, now it's a little less ugly and it kinda looks like the native player. Now it's also possible to play/stop/forward/back/volume up/volume down using the keyboard in the "Now playing" screen like the native player.

The major bug in the moment is that it cannot handle well files with path or title that contain special characters, such as 'é', 'è', 'ç', 'ã'. I'm Brazilian, so it's a problem for me because in portuguese, words with that kind of characters are so common. However, for me it's strange how the pyS60 handles unicode, I didn't get it yet. It pissed me off and I gave up for the moment, so the bug is there. I have to correct some spelling errors too and now, I don't know why, the sis only works on C:

For those who can't sign the sis files and want to try the player, here can be found a good tutorial explaining how to sign sis files. Besides that way, it's possible to run the application using the sources. To do so, get the and now_playing_bg.jpg files from the repository and copy them to c:\python or e:\python. After that, run it using the Python Shell like in the image bellow.

Thank you guys for the feedbacks (I'm waiting for more :)). I think soon a more stable/usable version will be released...

Some screeenshots for this release: