Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Resharper Jedi

Reading the blogs from some guys that went to DevTeach, I've learned a new term that emerged (I think) from there, "Resharper Jedi".

Oren (Ayende) seems to be the official Resharper Jedi, elected by the guys during DevTeach. In his Hibernating Rhinos series you can see how fast he uses a lot of features from Resharper.

In my teams I try to convince every developer to learn at least the most important Resharper shortcuts, it really really improves the programming speedy. I personally rarely use a mouse inside visual studio due Resharper features shortcuts.

I cannot imagine myself using Visual Studio without Resharper anymore; it seems only a text editor with an integrated compiler/debugger. However, I'm happy with VS + Resharper, but I still would like a "JetBrains IDE for .NET", kinda "IntelliN".

Talking about Resharper, I just found a new blog from a JetBrains' developer about Resharper. It looks like a nice blog: